International Hospitality Service

How do you spend your holidays?

If you like:

  • to pay for expensive hotels
  • to spend your vacation with your neighbour (or someone else you see all year round)
  • to see the country only through the pictures you took
  • to complain that the locals don't understand what you say
  • to "do Europe" in a week

then this page is definitely not for you. Don't read on! Please go away.

But if you like:

  • to pay little or nothing for accommodation
  • to meet new and interesting people, who will accept you in their homes
  • to see the places only the locals know
  • to avoid language problems abroad
  • to take your time to learn about the country and their people

then maybe Pasporta Servo is something for you. Read on.

What is Pasporta Servo?

Pasporta Servo is a hospitality network, currently consisting of some 1350 hosts in more than 85 countries around the globe. To join the network as a guest, you only have to buy the address list, which is updated each year. Then you can use the service. Each host has specified some conditions, for example on the number of guests or days, or notification in advance. Hosts won't charge you anything, many will even offer you breakfast or a perfect dinner, but if you come for a week with four people, you'll understand that some may ask for a small contribution. The price of the list covers our administration costs.

This can't be true. What's the catch?

Well, OK, there's one important condition. You'll have to learn Esperanto. The application form is in Esperanto, the address list is in Esperanto, and all hosts speak Esperanto. No, wait! It's not as bad as it seems. Esperanto is an easy language. Easy grammar, no exceptions, recognizable words, everything you always wanted in a language. You can learn it in six months. If you're a bright language student, one month may be enough for a basic conversation level.